Emergency lighting battery pack

Emergency lighting battery supplier

Emergency lighting is essential in a situation of panic and chaos, enabling people to exit the building safely and quickly. When the mains voltage in the building is down, the emergency lighting kicks in automatically. The emergency lighting fixtures are connected to the mains voltage, which keeps the battery pack in the fixture charged. Raca offers a wide range of emergency lighting batteries and helps you find the solution to best suit your needs. Looking for connectors for emergency lighting batteries? Please contact us for the correct connectors.

Taurac emergency lighting batteries

The majority of our product range consists of emergency batteries from the Taurac brand. This is a leading brand that has a proven track record in the world of accumulators and batteries. Raca guarantees a battery autonomy of 1 to 3 hours for up to 4 years. The emergency lighting batteries from Taurac are extremely reliable. Among other things, this has been proven with tests subject to the internationally recognised standard IEC61951-1. Taurac batteries are suitable for use at high temperatures.

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