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Emergency lighting bulkhead

Emergency lighting bulkhead supplier

Raca has a suitable emergency lighting bulkhead for any application. Our product range includes various brands of bulkheads with different functions. Whatever you need – be it an inexpensive emergency lighting bulkhead or a top of the range bulkhead, you’ve come to the right address. Almost all of our emergency bulkheads are available from stock. Raca works in collaboration with Taurac and Createch, which are leading brands that you can rely on.

Emergency lighting bulkhead functionality

Raca supplies emergency lighting bulkheads of every application, which means that there is a difference in the functionality. The customary function of emergency light is Autotest, which means that the proper functioning of the bulkhead itself is tested regularly. You can also choose from the assembly method, light source, lamp wattage, type and power supply.

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2 Item(s)

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