Two-way radio earpiece

Two-way radio earpiece supplier

Your two-way radio earpieces and parts can be ordered quickly and easily via Raca. Security companies, police units, the government and other agencies frequently use two-way radio earpieces. All of our products are thoroughly tested, conforming to our standards for high quality and user friendliness. While our earpieces are not from the original supplier, they are indistinguishable from the original.

Kenwood and Motorola two-way radio earpieces

Kenwood and Motorola are two highly respected brands in the world of two-way radio earpieces. While our products are not from the original suppliers, the quality and ease of use are exactly the same. When prices are compared, our products cost considerably less than the originals, which means that you stand to benefit. Our product range includes parts for earpieces and mouthpieces. For the earpieces, we offer flextube, adjustable D shapes, ear bones and fixed D shapes. For the mouthpieces, we offer dual control, single control and remote speaker microphones.

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